San Francisco

There's more to this city than Seeing the "Golden Gate" Bridge or visiting Fisherman's Wharf.

Hong Kong

Night Life, Sightseeing, Hiking, shopping, EATING, and history. This city will captivate you. Here's what to do.


Deep Dish pizza anyone? Chicago is an easy city to maneuver in. The trains take you from both Midway and O'hare airports right to the heart of the city. The stops along the way however hold a treasure trove of gems.


There is so much more than Coffee here. Seattle is a captivating Pacific Northwest city that will feed your appetite and quench your thirst for some adventure.

Los Angeles

From Taco Trucks to Fine Dining, Laying out at the Beaches to Clubbing at Night. LA has what you're looking for.


Looking to work on your tan, find waves to surf, a place to snorkel or dive, fish, or hike a volcano? Hawaii has it all! Check it out.

New York City

The energy Is vibrant and will suck you in. You have to see this place to believe it!


Singapore is a place you have to experience in your lifetime. Not a question of "if", but "WHEN."

Las Vegas

There is always the Vegas Strip, but there is way more beyond that to check out.


From Wynwood to South Beach, Miami has a diverse tropical and south american feel that will fuel your taste buds and keep your thirst quenched with a night life that steps on the gas, and beaches to relax. Miami is definitely not what you think it is as there are so many layers to uncover here. ¡dale!

Let's Go

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